Taking Care of Judge Robes

Taking Care of Judge Robes

Taking care of judge robes is essential. // Image source: somdnews.com

Becoming a judge takes a lot of dedication and hard work. As the leading authority within the courtroom, judges need to be at their peak and this would include how they dress. The importance of a judge’s uniform is not always brought up, but its appearance can certainly help in lending great beauty and dignity to the overall look of the individual wearing them. There are some things that people may need to take into consideration when attempting to care of such things.

The Cleaning of the Robe

The most obvious way to care for robes would be to carefully and properly clean them up. Concerning the cleaning, there are many methods to undertake; dry cleaning, for example, usually provides the longest wear and will maintain optimum color fastness. Should laundering be your choice, take heed and utilize mild detergent with some lukewarm water. Properly cleaning for robes can greatly affect the next thing to take into consideration, which is –

The Lifespan of the Robe

A robe’s lifespan may be increased by proper cleaning and maintenance. It is not improbable to think that a robe may last six to eight years of weekly usage if said robe has been dry cleaned and properly stored inside garment bags within a dark closet. The estimate may even extend further beyond ten years, if the care provided is immaculate.


A good amount of storage space can do judge robes a world of good. Remember to take the size of the robe in consideration and that the gown’s size will affect how much storage space will be used. There may be times when garment bags will also require storing. For maintenance purposes, it would be best to provide enough space if there are plans to purchase more robes in the future.

Just like caring for any other type of clothing, certain things can help or hinder the maintenance of judge robes. This short post ought to help in keeping things in perspective as you go about making sure that your robes last for a long time and in the best possible shape.

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