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To preside over court proceedings—to seek out truth and to administer justice—can be one of the toughest professions in the world.

High expectations, long work hours, and intellectual rigor are only some of the requirements of the job, day in and day out. These are why judges need comfort; why judges need to project authority, and why judges need robes and accessories that measure up to their esteemed stature.

We are Judge Robes, and we’re one of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world of judicial apparel. Our select lineup of judicial attire and accessories help you not only look your best, but also feel your best, on the bench.

Use our custom fit options to have a robe made to fit you perfectly. Choose styles with features such as pleating or fluting to affect an air of elegant authority while upholding the dignity of the court, and add some function to the form with features such as pockets and buttons.

Because looking your best and feeling your best helps you perform at your best. Choose only Judge Robes