Judicial Apparel Accessories - Judge Robe Garment Bags

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Garment Bag • Front Full Length Heavy Duty Zipper• Lightweight, durable, and water repellent• Bag folds with handles for easy carrying• Top-quality construction guarantees long-lasting performance• Protects judicial robe• Use your own hangers for easy and quick packing Your judicial apparel is an investment. Keep it safe on the go with...

Judicial Apparel Accessories - Judge Robe Garment Bags

Quality judge robes are investments that provide you with comfort, convenience, and an air of dignity and respect that all judges need to display. Why not keep complement those investments and keep them safe while on the go?

We at Judge Robes know how important it is to keep your robes safe, so we offer accessories such as our garment bag, specially made to accommodate all styles of our judicial gowns with comfort and ease.