Deluxe Judge Robe


Custom Tailored Robe.
(Ships Within 14 Days)

Deluxe Judge Robe 

A timeless design in a traditional back color, the deluxe judicial robe is a classic crease resident gown. This beautiful piece of judge wear combines comfort, durability, and a traditional design.

Each robe features:

  • Premium matte dull finished fabric 
  • Front features beautiful and comfortable pleating
  • Discreetly hidden zipper secured with hook eye clasp

  • Reinforced stitching on the yoke and shoulders

  • Gathered sleeves with wide elastic band at wrist

  • Hidden slit to enable easy entry to your pocket

Lightweight and beautifully detailed, a durable hidden zipper and easy to access in the front which stays nicely hidden from view. For added security, an eye hook clasp makes sure the robe stays closed. 

Our deluxe judge robe comes in a variety of sizes to ensure that every judge finds a perfect fit.

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