Popular Law Breakers Of History

Popular Law Breakers Of History

Celebrities are no different from everybody else. They, too, are human beings who eat, sleep and get rid of wastes. However, in the same vein, they are unlike anybody else. They are known by more people than they will ever get to meet and they have to power to influence millions by their words and actions. When famous names get into trouble, it is always a source of great curiosity and even entertainment.


On the flip side, celebrities also have a penchant for getting themselves out of trouble or at least, lessening their sentences. Even if they don’t get away with it, they still find themselves well loved by the masses. This is something new or modern, mind you. This is something that has always been going on for centuries.

• Gaius Julius Caesar
The name Caesar is one of the most famous in history. Although there have been numerous Caesars in history, the one that made it famous was the famous Roman Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. He won the approval of the Roman citizens not only due to his unrivaled oratory skills and charisma, but also because of his military success.

One of the events that led to Caesar’s reign as dictator in perpetuity was Caesar’s civil war. It began when Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army, which was not only illegal and treasonous, but an ‘act of war.’ Despite his actions, Caesar was still considered by the citizens as a hero, who not only tolerated the act, but openly supported it.

• Al Capone
Alphones Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone was a Chicago gangster who gained notoriety during the Prohibition era and has since gone on to become something of a modern day legend. Sometime during his twenties, he moved to Chicago with the intention of becoming a bodyguard and factotum for Johnny Torrio. At some point, a conflict with the West Side gang led to Torrio’s retirement and Capone’s succession.

Al Capone, "The Boss of all Bosses."
Image source: darkhorizons.com


Capone’s methods were said to be more violent than his predecessor. However, mutually profitable relationships with the police force of Chicago and mayor William Hale Thompson ensured that Capone remained untouchable. He reveled in attention and made various donations to charities. This earned him popularity and many came to look at him as a ‘modern-day Robin Hood’ so to speak.

• Bonnie and Clyde
This duo was occasionally called the ‘Bloody Barrows’. They terrorized America during the public enemy days, particularly the Southwest. They did so for about two years, during which they killed around a dozen police officers. They travelled between Iowa and Texas, along with regular visits back to Oklahoma. Despite their crimes, they achieved a certain level of popularity with the masses, with their legacy largely cemented by a 1967 movie based on their lives.

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